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As one of the technological hubs of the world, it should come as no surprise that the over 7 million people who call New York City home, are driven to innovate, create, and succeed. The citizens of New York, especially those in the workforce, are continually looking to better themselves through extensive knowledge of their trade. The city’s tech scene is no exception.


If you’re looking to break into NYC’s professional scene, but fear you lack the skills needed to get started, you’re in luck! The city of New York has a variety of both public and private job training programs that aim to elevate the citizens of NYC and provide quality skills to help these professionals become the best they can be. Stick around for the breakdown of the best job training programs in NYC. 


NYC’s Tech Scene


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New York City’s tech scene has long been a pillar for the global tech community. 


The world of tech, as we know it, has long been influenced by the enormous amount of innovation taking place within the confines of New York City. By far, the United State’s biggest city, it only makes sense that a high concentration of innovation takes place in a town as diverse as NYC. The city’s education system is working hard to match that diversity and to provide innovation and collaboration opportunities throughout a variety of industries.


New York City by Numbers 


Just how well is NYC doing? Check out the breakdown of NYC’s economics. The city has long been a place for tech industry growth, and the numbers prove it! The tech economy in NYC has grown over 40% throughout the past decade. The city boasts over a quarter of a million tech jobs and works to generate billions of dollars of funding throughout the city’s economy.


Which Job Program is Right for You? 


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Finding the right job training program for you is a must! 


Before we dive headfirst into the world of job training, there’s something you should know. Job training is a highly diverse field that includes both public and private education. Job training is a part of almost every industry and is an integral part of today’s tech industry.


While college may be the first thing you think of when you imagine job training in the traditional sense, it doesn’t have to be your only choice. In fact, many people who elect not to go to college still go on to have prosperous careers in a variety of job paths; the tech industry included.


So, how do you decide which job training program is right for you? In order to find your answer, you’ve first got to ask yourself a few questions. 


1. What do I want to study?

Arguably the biggest thing a tech newbie will ever ask themselves, what do you want to learn? It’s also important to determine where you want to work and how much money you need to make. It would help if you also decided what you want to study, and the best thing to do is to figure out what your interests are. Take the time now before you waste any of your own time or money learning something that you may never use.


Once you decide what you want to study, you can then apply for programs that fit the bill accordingly. 


2. How much can I spend?

Speaking of bills, unfortunately, one of the biggest things people pursuing education have to ask themselves is, “how much can I afford?”. We won’t sugarcoat it, getting an education can be expensive. It’s essential to take a look at your finances and the payment options available to find a happy medium for getting your training in the best way possible.


It’s important to exercise all your resources when looking into getting an education. Some cities may offer community learning programs that are publicly funded and often reduced in price or even free of charge! 


3. What’s my timeline look like? 

This is yet another question that you should ask yourself as you begin your professional education journey. How much time do you want to dedicate to your education? When do you want to enter the workforce? Understanding your timeline can help you decide which programs may be the best bet for you!


Best Job Training Programs in New York City


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Check out these top job training programs in NYC! 


Now that we’ve found what you should be looking for in a job training program, let’s dive into the specifics. Let’s take a look at the best job training programs in NYC. 


Best NYC Coding Bootcamps


Coding bootcamps are a great way to obtain job training with real-world technical experience. Many coding bootcamps also offer students extensive job placement services, which can help make the transition into the industry a much smoother process. 


1. Flatiron School

Flatiron School is one of the most well known coding schools in the tech industry. The company provides technical training with real-world skills to give students a balanced education. Flatiron School NYC is located in the downtown area, which is perfect for collaboration and networking with local tech firms. The school offers a variety of programs in disciplines such as UX/Ui Design, Data Science, Software Engineering, and more. 


2. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is a highly competitive program that looks only to accept the best of the best coders. The program features hundreds of hours of instruction from some of the best-qualified instructors in the industry. The mission of Hack Reactor is to help their students get hired at some of the best companies in the world. 


3. App Academy

App Academy is another major name in the tech education industry. The software engineering program at App Academy NYC features a variety of important concepts that will help students become well rounded, tech-minded individuals. 


4. Codeworks

Codeworks is another major bootcamp that looks to put students first. The company is located in cities across the globe and is dedicated to diversity both in tech education and in the tech industry as a whole. The program boasts a 100% job placement rate for all of its students. 


5. Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper Program is an all-women, 17-week, coding bootcamp that covers a full-time software engineering curriculum. The program costs $19,910 and a variety of scholarships and financing options are available. The program boasts an 85% employment rate within 180 days of graduation. This program is located in both Chicago and New York City.


Grants and Free Programs 


The State University of New York – Bronx Educational Opportunity Center

The center is one of ten located in New York that is funded by the government. The center provides tuition-free job training to underprivileged New Yorkers. Training includes occupational/technical prep, college prep/GED, and basic education. 


Consortium for Worker Education

This program is a non-profit organization that provides over 60,000 New Yorkers with free education and job training courses. Training includes basic education, computer literacy, and English as a second language. 


Vocational Foundation Inc. 

This organization offers all young adults ages 17-20 and young fathers ages 22-30 free career preparation. The center provides free job training, career counseling, job placement, and job retention services. The Vocational Foundation is located in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. 


How Does This Benefit You? 


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What’s the takeaway?


If you’re looking to take your professional skills to the next level, the sources above are great ways to start! Whether it’s a coding bootcamp or a publically-funded program, taking the initiative to get yourself a quality education is absolutely key to your career success!


What can you be doing on your part to set yourself up for professional success? The key thing to do is get an education and never stop learning! Finding a program that’s right for you is absolutely vital! Take some time to discern what you find interesting about the tech industry. Do you have an ideal company in mind to work for? Do you have an ideal job role?


Knowledge is power, and the more you pay attention to the tech world around you, the better off you’ll be in the long term!

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