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New York City is a techie mecca in the United States. It is one of the best places to start a tech-based career. Knowing which areas of the business world are hot and need workers is crucial if you want to maximize your pay and professional prospects. Having an idea of the fastest-growing industries in NYC allows you to tailor your studies to a field with unlimited growth potential. When you know about the fastest-growing industries in New York, the sky’s the limit.


This guide is here to show you the way toward better pay and job security. We dive into the top tech sectors in NYC and take a look at the training you’ll need to be attractive to future employers. In this article, you’ll get information on tech jobs in the following New York industries: marketing, web design, game design, and healthcare. Before you know it, you’ll be in a new and rewarding job, working in a hot field, and loving life.




A marketing wheel
Get paid to learn what people want.


Marketing concepts have been around for almost as long as there have been businesses. The notion of researching the market to identify consumers and the products they need is as old as capitalism. Today’s marketing firms use high tech to make their services more valuable than ever, and they’d love to hire you as a data engineer. With some basic data engineering skills, you can make your fortune and enjoy job security.


Data engineers capture and store all sorts of information and send it to data analysts for dissection. As a data engineer, you’ll work with data warehousing, which requires a knowledge of Hadoop, Apache Spark, PIG, HIVE, MapReduce, and Kafka. You’ll also get heavy into databases, so proficiency in SQL and NoSQL are a must if you want to compete for the top gigs.


Web Design


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When you master the web, site creation is like Neo taking a trip to the Matrix.


When you look out over downtown Manhattan, you see buildings filled with businesses. Almost every one of those businesses has at least one website. Web development is one of the fastest-growing industries in NYC and is a fantastic choice for hopeful programmers. Code cowboys and cowgirls are always in high demand, and web-based coders are white-hot. Consider picking up some web skills and joining a web design firm in New York.


You can start your programming career off by learning languages such as CSS, HTML, and Java. Get to know every inch of the development cycle, which will dictate your working life as a programmer. And don’t skimp on your communication and teamwork skills, as the best web development teams work as one unit and can accomplish miracles as a result. A little study on your part will make you an attractive prospect in no time.


Game Development


A PS3 controller
Are you a gaming whiz? Pick up some skills and get paid to create games.


Gaming is no longer a niche activity. Nowadays, video game development is one of the most lucrative industries around. According to this report by Reuters, Game Development could be one of the most lucrative industries in the entertainment world. Producers in this entertainment sector can net billions of dollars. New York is packed with game design firms that focus on all sorts of genres and platforms. These firms always need more coders and will pay through the nose to acquire them.


Game designers have some crossover with other developers and use some of the same languages, such as Java and C++. To make yourself attractive to employers, pick up a few more languages that do well in game design, including Objective-C and CSS3. Creativity is essential if you want to succeed as a game developer, so indulge yourself and build a few games on your own. Doing so impresses your hiring manager and sharpens your skills.




EKG readout
Medicine is a growth industry, and you can grow with it.


If you’re reading this article on a bus or train, look around at the other passengers. Betcha there are lots of Boomers and Gen Xers in the group. As our population ages, medical care takes up more economic resources. Clinics, labs, and hospitals spring up all the time around NYC, and those businesses need tech-minded employees to help them secure personal data and facilitate communication between healthcare professionals.


There are plenty of job opportunities in healthcare for network engineers, and as the industry grows, so will the number of networking job openings. To be competitive, plan on getting a few certifications before you apply for gigs; Sun and Cisco offer excellent training classes and cert exams. Studying for the certifications gives you practical experience and demonstrates to your prospective boss your dedication.


So that’s the whole ball of yarn, friends. New York has tons of tech jobs going unfilled, and you can easily get the skills to qualify for them. Our guide looks at some of the fastest-growing industries in New York and shows you what sorts of training will help you land tech gigs. If you’re interested in knowing which are the most in-demand skills in New York, you can also take a look at this article.


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