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The world of tech both in New York City and beyond is moving faster than ever before. New technologies and alternative ways of doing things are introduced almost daily! With so much change, tech newbies may be wondering which tech skills are in high demand.

There are tons of factors that contribute to which tech skills are in the highest demand. As you’ll soon find out, the tech industry is a highly diverse place with many needs that shift based on the project or job role. So which tech skills are the most in-demand in NYC? Stick around for the breakdown of these skills and NYC’s tech scene as a whole!

Skills to Pay the Bills


Which tech skills do you think are the most important? 

As referenced before, the city of New York is a highly diverse place. The tech industry is no exception to this statement. The tech industry in NYC defines itself by a variety of needs and demands for qualified professionals who possess a wide range of skills. Which skills do these professionals need the most? Let’s get to the facts!

Tech Skills 

As always, one of the biggest things you’ll need to make it in the tech industry is some kind of technical skill. It could be a coding language, an understanding of the way systems run, or really anything that makes you qualified to work with tech. If you cringe at the thought of having immense technical skill, you’re not alone. Many newcomers to tech get so caught up on knowing as many things as they can that they don’t focus on honing in on one or two things that they do well! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top tech skills in tech.

Coding Languages 

Inevitably one of the biggest skills in the tech industry is having an understanding of one or several coding languages. Ultimately when you begin your job in the industry, you’ll be expected to be able to communicate with machines and write code.

One of the biggest questions tech newbies have is, “What coding language should I learn?” While this is a great question to ask, the real question should be, “What kind of tech job do I want?”. The biggest thing to understand about tech jobs and coding languages is that everything is connected. For example:

  • Front End Developer : HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Backend Developer : Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, 
  • Data Scientist: Python, R, SQL

It’s important to understand that these are just three of the many different tech jobs in the industry. However, these are key examples of how wide the difference in the use of coding languages is amongst different tech jobs. 

A Basic Understanding of Tech 

This one may be a bit broader, but virtually all tech workers must have at least a small understanding of how tech works, beyond just the code on a screen. How do computers run? How do servers communicate with the internet? Understanding these concepts will not only make you a well-rounded coder; they’ll give you more confidence in your own skills!

A basic understanding of tech also requires a knowledge of different operating systems and frameworks aside from just mere coding language. Many jobs require additional computer skills that move further in-depth than just mere coding.

Soft Skills 

While these may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of prominent tech skills, the truth is that soft skills can differentiate good coders from great ones. Having a solid understanding of soft skills can help take your job performance to the next level!

Being a Team Player 

The tech community is all about teamwork and collaboration. In fact, many tech education programs focus on pair programming as a way to help students innovate together and learn from each other. Being a good coder on your own is a great thing, but being able to collaborate with others and access everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can certainly make you stand out in the crowd!

Be someone the company can count on

One of the biggest things that will get noticed in the tech industry is accountability. Be someone who your coworkers can count on to show up and get stuff done. Please don’t confuse this one as being a workaholic. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy with working 24/7 to be someone who can be counted on by the company. Do good work, and I promise you’ll get noticed.

Be willing to say yes

The tech industry is highly fluid, and roles change frequently. Be someone who says “yes” to change, even if that means moving out of your comfort zone. The more you’re willing to try, the more you’ll be able to accomplish it!

The Hottest Tech Skills in NYC Right Now

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Which tech industry trends do you think will stick around?

After taking a look at some of the most in-demand skills in the tech scene right now, let’s get a little more specific to NYC. Which skills are the most in-demand for the area? Let’s break it down!

Programming languages

The most in-demand programming languages in NYC are as follows: 

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. C#
  5. Swift 

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the most in-demand coding languages will vary greatly between fields and employers. 

Original Ideas/Portfolios 

Yet another essential skill needed for NYC techies is the ability to have original ideas. It’s tough to come up with new products these days, so companies go to great lengths to find candidates with portfolios that stand out.


Additionally, being able to innovate and collaborate with others is an absolute must. A willingness to try new things will also go over well with potential employers and coworkers.

What’s the Takeaway?

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Ready to embark on your own coding journey?

If that all seems like a lot of information, you’re not wrong! Getting into the tech industry requires a lot of self-reflection and knowledge, especially if you want to make moves now that will set you up well for the long term. In short, the more knowledge you consume now about the tech industry, the better off you’ll be in the long run. So, how can you set your future career in tech up for success?

Pay attention to the world around you, especially the ever-changing dynamics of the tech industry in NYC and beyond. If you’re looking to break into the NYC tech scene, one of the best ways to do it is to come in prepared and educated. Spend time reflecting on what you want and then take the time to research to understand precisely what is required of you to meet those goals.

With the power of knowledge and determination behind you, there’s no telling what you can accomplish in the tech industry!

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