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Codesmith is a Software Engineering Immersive program offered onsite in NY and LA (full-time) and remotely (full-time and part-time). The curriculum centers on computer science and full-stack JavaScript, with an emphasis on the most valuable contemporary technologies like React, Redux, Node, build tools, DevOps, and machine learning. Codesmith’s software engineering programs lead the industry in job placement and median starting salary. According to most recent CIRR reports (January - June, 2019), Codesmith’s New York City grads earned the industry’s highest median salary ($125K), with 92.1% of graduates hired full time within just 180 days of graduation. Los Angeles grads also demonstrated one of the top results, with nearly 90% of students landing their first roles within 180 days post-graduation at a median starting salary of $114K.

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Codesmith condenses the key elements of a four year CS degree and combines them with a modern curriculum focusing on developing the skill set companies highly value. Students will master Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming Paradigms, and Design Patterns, gaining a deep understanding of the core elements of computer science. Additionally, Codesmith offers an extensive hiring support program that guides students through the hiring process, including interview strategies, portfolio development, and post-graduation check-ins.

The part-time courses at Codesmith vary in length. The shortest program, JavaScript for Beginners, takes place on two Sundays. The full-time software engineering bootcamp is a 12-week program. Students spend 70 hours per week in class, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Monday through Friday. The day is divided into different parts, starting with hack hour from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. During hack hour, students build their problem-solving skills. The morning lesson runs from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, then students are dismissed for an hour-long lunch.  After lunch, students return for an afternoon lesson until 5:20 PM, when students listen to a tech talk until 5:30 PM. Dinner runs from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM, then students return for an evening lesson until 8:00 PM.

As a CIRR-Certified school, Codesmith is one of the leading programs in job placement and median starting salary. In the first 180 days after the program, over 92% of Codesmith grads land Mid or Senior-level positions at top tech companies, like Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon, with a median starting salary of $125K (Jan-Jun 2019 Grad Outcomes for NY Immersive).

The tuition for Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive programs is $18,800. CS Prep course costs $750, and the JavaScript for Beginners course costs $300. Codesmith offers a range of options to help students finance their education, including loan partners like Climb Credit and Skills Fund and scholarships. In addition, the Codesmith $100k Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to talented people from underrepresented backgrounds, veterans, other coding bootcamps graduates, and those who are dedicated to contributing something special to the community. Scholarship applications are distributed to accepted students and are awarded based on a combination of student’s application and interview scores at Codesmith's discretion.

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Full-time, Part-time

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Full Stack

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  • q. bui
    November 21, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    I graduated from Codesmith LA back in May and have been working for a few months as a Frontend Developer. I got my first job from their hiring day, which is actually one of the things that set Codesmith apart from other bootcamps. Towards the end of your bootcamp, Codesmith invites a handful of tech companies around the area to do a round robin / speed dating event with the cohort. Casual, not a lot of pressure and great experience to practice interviewing with real companies. Two people from my cohort actually got jobs from the hiring day with a bunch of others getting take home assignments and onsite interviews. So if you come to Codesmith, take hiring day seriously, you could get a job out of it.
    Curriculum – When I was shopping around for bootcamps, they all seemed to have mostly the same curriculum. Algorithms, Javascript, React, Node. I did notice that one of my current co-workers that came out of Hack Reactor LA had zero experience with testing, devops, and barely any redux. Hack Reactor might have changed their curriculum since then but I actually didn’t know how good I had it with Codesmith until working with him.
    Post Grad Support – Another great thing about Codesmith and actually the reason why I’m here writing this review. Their resident business advisor/consultant/support?, Eric, is awesome. He’s the one that coaches you on how to interview, accept offers and negotiate. Even after your first job out of Codesmith you can still text him, “Hey Eric, I just got an offer from ___ for $$$ and here is how everything went down, what do you think?” and he’ll either call you back in a few minutes or text you to coach you on how to proceed with negotiations or to just take it because it’s a great offer!
    So for anyone looking for a coding bootcamp, you can’t really go wrong with Codesmith. The only advice I would have for them is to keep the cohorts small. I came from a cohort of 14 which was awesome, but some of the ones after me started getting pretty big. I feel like you lose out on quality when you go for quantity but I could be wrong. Also don’t rely on any coding bootcamp as an easy way to change careers because software engineering is not easy. You’re going to spend a ton of hours at your bootcamp and even then that will not be enough to become a decent software engineer. Bootcamp is only 3 months so if you want to become great you’re going to have to keep learning and working on your own until you get that first job. If you love learning new things in a field that’s constantly changing then this is for you. If you’re lazy and don’t like to learn new things then don’t waste your time.

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  • Raphael Ram
    November 22, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    Dear Prospective Software Engineer,

    I was in your shoes for the first half of 2018, looking for a Bootcamp to fast track myself towards a career in software development.

    I finally decided on Codesmith (for reasons I will describe below), and got admitted into the program in November. Six life-changing months later, I accepted an offer as a mid-level Software Engineer in July 2019.

    A little context first: I have spent my time at Codesmith as a Resident (3 months) and a Teaching Fellow (3 months), experiencing the program both as a participant and a facilitator. This has given me the unique privilege of seeing 5 separate cohorts (over 60 residents) with little to no software engineering experience come into the program and go on to earn 6-figure salaries as Mid-Senior level Software Engineers (check out the CIRR report on Codesmith-, and I think there are 4 specific parts of the Codesmith program that leads to these accomplishments:

    First, Codesmith sets you up for success before you even join the program. For evidence of this, look no further than the free advanced JavaScript workshops (check out, free exercises on CSX ( and Bootcamp prep course, CS Prep ( All of these serve as community-building (you will meet many of your future cohort -mates), and to prepare you for the technical interview to gain acceptance into the program.

    The interview itself is quite challenging and might even require more than 1 attempt, but you will be gauged on qualities that are markers for success in the program and in your career as a software engineer (technical communication, problem-solving ability, and approach to tackling unfamiliar concepts). I urge you to attend any of these free JavaScript workshops for an insight into the excellent pedagogy and supportive culture at Codesmith (make sure to stay for drinks afterward on Thursday night!).

    Second: Pair Programming and working in groups. Almost the entirety of your residency at Codesmith will be spent working with a partner or in a group. There’s been a deliberate decision to make almost every part of the program collaborative, as this reinforces the qualities needed to succeed as a software engineer. How do you prove your expertise when doing interviews for software engineering roles? By technically communicating software engineering and web application concepts, much as you did in your first 6 weeks at Codesmith. When you get hired as a Software Engineer, you will almost definitely be working as a part of a team in an agile environment- much like you will in your last 6 weeks at Codesmith. Your experiences at Codesmith will translate directly to real-world benefits in both applying for engineering jobs, and excelling at them.

    Third, the creation of Open Source Developer Tools. In the last half of your program at Codesmith, you will be tasked with creating an Open Source developer tool, going from conception to working product in less than 4 weeks. It is absolutely a difficult endeavor, but the rewards are well worth it.

    While most Bootcamps have simple CRUD applications as their capstone projects, building developer tools gives you deep, specific knowledge on key web application concepts. This will also help you gain real-world engineering experience while working in an Agile environment, and is a huge reason why Codesmith grads get placed in Mid-Senior developer roles out of the gate.

    Finally, the hiring program and post-program support. I feel like this is Codesmith’s best-kept secret, and is worth the cost of admission alone. Applying for engineering roles requires a different set of skills than being able to carry out the job itself. Most of the program takes care of the latter, and the hiring program tackles the former. You will learn everything from crafting incredibly effective resumes and structuring your applications and outreach messages to acing your interviews, eloquently discussing your software engineering narrative, and the all-important salary negotiations. These are all invaluable skills that will carry you from your first mid-senior engineering gig through the rest of your software engineering career. After the program, you will have bi-weekly check-ins to gauge your job application process leading up to your first job placement.

    If you are driven and intrinsically motivated to progress as a Software Engineer, Codesmith will give you all the necessary tools and resources to succeed. But keep in mind, this drive and motivation is essential. The program is undoubtedly tough from admission to graduation, and expecting to be spoon-fed information will only lead to disappointment. Being persistent and working hard to improve yourself and your peers, however, will lead to success both during your time at Codesmith, and in your career as a Software Engineer- I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

    Note: If you’re interested, I highly recommend visiting for the next Hard Parts. The in-depth JavaScript knowledge you’ll gain from these workshops is invaluable, regardless of whether you choose to attend Codesmith.

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  • New York Bootcamps
    December 7, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    Five years ago, I quit my job to go to a (different) web dev bootcamp. It got me my first developer job, but that experience doesn’t compare to what I got out of Codesmith. Several years and two jobs later I found myself unable to find my next opportunity. I was over-qualified for Jr roles and under-qualified for Sr ones because even after my on the job experience, my actual core programming knowledge base was sorely lacking.
    Codesmith changed that and I couldn’t be more grateful. After three VERY difficult months I found myself in a VERY different place – I was more confident, had recent cutting edge projects under my belt, and finally felt deserving of a Senior title. Newly empowered I ventured back into the job market that just months earlier had been rejecting me repeatedly.
    Codesmith kept supporting me with constant advice, and encouragement and now I have the job I’ve always wanted. To top it off, my salary is 81% higher than it was at my last job. I can’t recommend this program highly enough.

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  • Bryan F.
    December 13, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Yes way! And it is all because of the curriculum, the hiring portion and the people.

    After completing Codesmith, I understand why the students are able to achieve the results Codesmith speak of. I had the chance to attend another competing coding program free of charge, but I decided to pay $18k for Codesmith and I do not regret it at all.

    The process to get into Codesmith is very unique, but it is not extremely difficult if you work hard, attend the meetups, and come with the right attitude. The reason I say it’s unique is because for some crazy reason, Codesmith never fails to bring in the right candidates that are smart, hard working, supportive, and fun.

    During the core curriculum, we are always pair programming. This meant that we quickly learned to digest difficult technical concepts together and communicate these concepts to our peers. Being able to pair program everyday has allowed me to honed my technical communication, which is important for interviews and on-the-job. The Codesmith team is always making the curriculum better or adding new units to the curriculum because they want to do whatever they can to prepare the residents for the current market.

    During our project phase, we were always working in teams (other than the solo project). We would have meetings and daily standup and the projects are always collaborative, which is great because it is very unlikely that you would be working alone in the professional setting. We also have a project where we have to iterate over another group’s codebase, which is something that you would be doing when you join an engineering team. So it is just great that Codesmith prepares us for that.

    Our final project is like no other – we have to build an open source developer tool. Currently, Codesmith residents have created tools that has 10k+ stars on Github. If you’re like me a few months ago, you might actually be intimidated by this final project. The truth is Codesmith does an excellent job preparing us during the junior portion that we are all able to build a tool that we are proud of. It is definitely challenging, but it is totally rewarding at the end.

    Another thing that brings Codesmith to the next level is the hiring portion. We learned to build a robust resume that really makes us stand out and we were taught interviewing techniques that would not be taught at any other programs. I can honestly say that it has made me a more confident interviewer and the things we were taught has made me grow as a person. My fear before graduating Codesmith is that I will take an offer because I want a job and not because I like the company and the role, but the things that I learned through Codesmith has given me the confident and skill that I can pick and choose.

    If you’re like me, I wanted to join a program with great people that I can form lifelong bonds with and that is what drew me to Codesmith. Codesmith has a great sense of community and the culture is great – come to any of the meetups and you can see for yourself. The team and residents are super supportive and it is always a great time. Codesmith is like family and if you are ready to work hard, play hard and take yourself to the next level, this place is for you.

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  • Kate
    December 16, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    I graduated from Codesmith in July, but my journey here isn’t over yet. I was asked to stay on for another 3 months as an engineering fellow. I’m going to update this review once I move on to my next job outside of Codesmith, but I figured I’d mark this spot in time with my current thoughts and feelings on what I’ve done so far here.

    Unfortunately it’s hard to talk objectively about something when you’ve become so personally invested in it, and when its community has become your second family, but I’ll try.

    Codesmith has warm and fuzzies aplenty, but these exist solely to better serve the development of the students here. Codesmith demands a lot from you – “immersive” doesn’t begin to convey it. The small cohort sizes mean that every single person is an integral part of the bigger team.

    The program is established enough to have thoroughly iterated its curriculum and pedagogy, but young and agile enough to still be continually iterating and adapting (e.g. recently including units on Docker/AWS and ML). All of the technologies you’d expect from a fullstack JavaScript program are here, of course, but way they’re instilled is (I think) unusual – lectures are given to provide a general overview of a particular subject (say, Redux), but then you are forced to work together to fight through the code implementation and do a lot of active, hard learning. While support is *always* available on multiple levels, there is zero hand-holding. Every bit of knowledge is hard-fought, and that’s the kind of knowledge that sticks.

    The curriculum is only a small percentage of the program, though – after the first several weeks, all of your time is spent working on projects of various sizes with varying objectives, with the free reign (if not outright pressure) to push well beyond the confines of the standard MERN stack into technologies like gRPC, GraphQL, Kafka, and whatever else you can imagine. In additional to expanding the scope of your tech fluency, it forces you to practice real-world practices like Scrum methodology, Kanban boards, Git workflows, and just general empathetic team engineering.

    The hiring portion is also intense. You might not realize it initially while your brain is struggling to digest new and disparate technologies every 2 days, but every step of the program is designed with the ultimate goal (the job search) in mind. The reason why Codesmith outcomes are so impressive is that students are constantly being pushed to think not just in terms of how to use a certain technology, but *how* that technology fits into the larger tech landscape, and why certain choices are better than others when it comes to architecting software. Projects have to be approved by the team – to make sure that what they’re working on will grow them as engineers that will be very soon sitting in the interview chair. Resumes are repeatedly iterated upon and also must be approved before the end of the program. Mock interviews and systems design whiteboarding sessions pepper the last several weeks.

    I imagine all “bootcamps” (for lack of a better word) are crucibles of growth to a degree, but it’s very hard to imagine one that has the precision and intensity that Codesmith does. It’s hard to imagine other environements where people can willingly, joyfully, engagedly spend 13-16 hours of their day productively engaged in growth.

    I’m a bit uncomfortable with how evangelize-y and preachey this review is, because it goes against my general skeptical, jaded nature, but Codesmith really is an unusually special place. I’m a person from a non-technical background (I first pondered the idea of learning to code in January) and generally lacking in self-assuredness, but Codesmith has in a short period of time gotten me to a place where I feel genuinely confident to enter the coding workforce, and not just at an entry level (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m already seeing it happening in my cohortmates that have secured amazing jobs, and I see the growth in myself.

    Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Codesmith is very explicitly welcoming of people from all backgrounds (speaking as a person who is trans, at least). Again, I’m sure other programs are fine in this regard as well, but from the team down to the fellows to the residents, the amount of representation from all walks of life is really inspiring.

    Okay, this is already way too long, and I honestly don’t know why you’re still reading. If you’re on the fence, go to the free weekly workshops (JavaScript The Easy Parts or Hard Parts) and say hi. There are no gimmicks or nonsense. What you see is what you get, and what you put in here is what you get out.

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