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Wagner College on Staten Island in New York offers cybersecurity and web development bootcamps on-campus to students and non-students. Both programs are part-time and come with a job guarantee in the form of a refund. Students also receive one-on-one mentorship on a weekly basis throughout the program, to ensure each student remains in a good position during the course. The curriculum at Wagner College’s bootcamps vary widely and cover a range of relevant topics. Students can choose between the two available courses, with course lengths varying between 16 and 24 weeks.

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The cybersecurity bootcamp begins by covering hardware and operating system fundamentals. The program moves on to networking and security fundamentals, before proceeding into introductory Python coding lessons. After gaining some coding expertise, students work on security analysis and begin learning about ethical hacking. At the end of the program, students work on penetration testing and cybersecurity challenges. The web development bootcamp curriculum is vastly different. Students begin with front end web development, then move on to introductory Python lessons. Afterward, students work on designing a technical solution and work on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After gaining some additional coding knowledge, students sharpen their programming skills with Python, advanced CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Towards the end of the program, students learn MySQL, Django, data visualization and data analysis with python, along with a Node.js functional prototype project.  

Students can attend the 16-week part-time web development bootcamp, where they’ll spend approximately 20 to 30 hours per week on coursework. This program is designed to allow students to complete the course quickly, while still allowing them sufficient time to work a job or attend college courses. Students can also take the longer 24-week cybersecurity bootcamp. The cybersecurity program requires fewer weekly hours, just 15 to 25 instead of 20 to 30. Students can also work or attend college classes while enrolled in this program.   However, both programs are fast-paced, so missing a class is generally not a good idea. A single missed class day can result in students falling behind.

Wagner College invested in student success by offering a job guarantee. The job guarantee doesn’t mean students are certain to get a job—instead, it offers students their money back if they’re unable to find relevant employment within six months of graduating the course. Career services, mentorship, and portfolio-building projects help increase the chances of student success. Additionally, the job guarantee incentivizes the school to prepare students for a career.

Wagner College bootcamps offer a money-back guarantee for job placement. If students can’t find employment within six months of graduation, they’ll receive a refund. Students can pay for the courses upfront or take advantage of a financing plan. The cybersecurity bootcamp costs $8,900 upfront, and the web development bootcamp costs $7,900 upfront. Scholarships are also available, and the program offers an income sharing agreement. Students can also opt for another deferred tuition plan or take advantage of crowdfunding and grant opportunities.

Programs Pace


Programs Available

Frontend, Full Stack, Data Science, Cybersecurity

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing, Scholarship

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  • Anonymous
    November 22, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    “I am a computer grad and knew the basics of web development. However, I wanted training on advanced HTML/CSS, and the courses offered in the Wagner Bootcamp ticked all the boxes. I’m totally satisfied with the comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects assigned to every module.”

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