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The city of New York has long been a hub of all things innovation. The city also has a major social scene which spans multiple industries. With so much happening in NYC, newcomers to the area may be flustered when trying to keep up with the latest tech info. 


If you’re interested in keeping up with info on NYC’s tech scene, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the breakdown on the top tech influencers to follow in the NYC area. 


A History of NYC’s Tech Scene


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The world of tech in NYC is continuing to innovate and grow. 


The city of New York has always been a pillar of innovation and strength in the tech community. This strive for greatness dates back centuries and has continued on in today’s tech sector. We’re now living in the age of the internet. With technology innovating at lightning speed, NYC’s tech scene has grown more extensive than ever before. From big names to lesser-known individuals, tech-minded people from across the city have worked together to help make the city of New York a better place for everyone.


NYC’s Tech Influencers


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Check out NYCs top tech influencers!


Now that we’ve gotten a chance to get a short history of NYC’s tech scene, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the present. Ready to dive into the top tech influencers to follow in NYC?


1. Chris Stang

Co-Founder and CEO of The Infatuation

Chris Stang is the co-founder and CEO of The Infatuation, New York City’s leading restaurant review agency. Stang facilitated the purchase of Google held company Zagat in 2018. Stang is currently the CEO of Zagat. 


In addition to running two multimillion-dollar companies, Stang is also a master of social media. He created the #EEEEEATS hashtag that has been used over 15 million times and has garnered hundreds of millions of likes. Stang’s wedding was also covered in Vogue. 


2. Emily Weiss

Founder and CEO of Glossier

Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of Glossier, a direct to consumer company that offers a complete suite of customized beauty products. The company has gone on to raise millions in funding over the course of a year. 


Prior to founding Glossier, Weiss was a writer at Vogue where she started her blog Into the Gloss, which reached over 10 million readers each month.


3. Brynn Putnam

Founder and CEO of MIRROR

Brynn Putnam is the founder and CEO of MIRROR, a fitness tech company that is changing the way people work out. MIRROR is the first connected system that streams live on-demand classes to viewers’ homes via a sleek, responsive display that features biometric data and user feedback.


Prior to founding MIRROR, Putnam is also the founder and CEO of Refine Method, an award-winning boutique fitness studio with three locations in the NYC area. Putnam was also awarded a bachelor’s degree in Russian Literature and Culture from Harvard University.


4. Shan-Lyn Ma

CEO and Founder of Zola

Shan-Lyn Ma is the CEO and Founder of Zola, one of the fastest-growing wedding startup companies in the world. With Zola, couples gain access to an all in one wedding management platform that’s designed to take the hassle out of weddings and leave couples to enjoy their special day. 


Prior to starting Zola, Shan-Lyn Ma graduated from the University of New South Wales with degrees in commerce and marketing and was awarded an MBA from Stanford in General Management and Entrepreneurship. Ma went on to work for Yahoo, Gilt Groupe, and Chloe + Isabel Inc.


5. Ryan Denehy

Founder and CEO of Electric

Ryan Denehy is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. He’s founded and sold two different startups to multimillion-dollar companies including Groupon and USA Today, and has since founded another tech company called Electric. Electric AI specializes in revolutionizing IT support with the world’s first automated IT platform. 


6. Nadia Boujawah

Co-Founder and CEO of Dia&Co

Dania Boujawah is the co-founder and DEO of Dia&Co, a clothing company that serves over 4 million customers and retains over 400 employees. While the company is technically in the apparel business, Boujawah understands the power of consumer data. The company takes great care to collect and file consumer data ranging from spending habits to clothing style and everything in between.


Boujawag holds degrees in economics from The Wharton School and business from Harvard Business School. 


7. Alec Oxenford

Co-Founder and President of Letgo

Alec Oxenford is the co-founder and President of Letgo, one of the world’s most popular second-hand mobile sales apps. Oxenford is currently a board member for the arteBA Fundación and the co-founder and chairman of OLX Group. Oxenford graduated from Harvard Business School in 1997. 


8. Julie Samuels

Executive Director at Tech:NYC

Julie Samuels is the Executive Director of Tech:NYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of New York Cities tech industry. With over 600 member companies located across the NYC area, Tech:NYC focuses on policy change, public funding, and promoting inclusion throughout NYC’s tech scene. 


In addition to running Tech:NYC, Samuels is also the president of Engine, an advocacy and research foundation. Samuels holds a journalism degree from the University of Illinois and a Law degree from Vanderbilt University. 


How Does This Benefit You? 


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What’s the takeaway?


The world of tech, as we know, it is always shifting and changing as new innovations take place every day. With so much change, it can admittedly be hard to keep up with all the latest news and names in the industry. Especially in New York City, the largest and busiest place in the United States, knowing the who’s who of the professional scene can absolutely be a hassle.


So, you may be wondering, “why even bother paying attention to the people making waves in the industry?” The truth is, you never know when the opportunity will strike. Paying attention to the important people around you can pay off big in the long run. You never know who you may one day be in a room with or who you may have the opportunity to collaborate with or work for. In short, pay attention because you never know when new opportunities may come your way.


This dedication to knowledge of tech transcends just knowing the names of prominent people in the industry. The phrase “knowledge is power” really works wonders in the tech industry. Those who work hard and constantly pay attention to the world around them will go far both in their professional career and in life in general.

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