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New York City has long been hailed as one of the most innovative cities in the world. The city is a central hub for all things innovation and creativity throughout the tech industry. Many tech giants and trendy startups alike all live cohesively in the cutting edge technology scene of NYC. 


Community is one of the biggest pillars of NYC’s tech scene. Collaboration has long been at the forefront of the industry and is responsible for some of the world’s biggest tech creations. Most of the time, when many great minds get together, even better ideas come to fruition than if only one person were working on the project. 


If you’re new to the NYC tech scene or are simply just looking to make some friends in the area, it can be daunting to figure out where to start. NYC is a huge place filled with over 7 million people. Out of all of those people, how do you find ones that share your interests? The answer: meetup organizations. If you’re looking to find a supportive community of like-minded peers, meetup organizations may be the best option for you. Stick around for the breakdown of the top meetup organizations in NYC. 


Tech Culture in NYC




NYC has a tech culture like no other! 


New York City’s tech culture is a bustling community like no other in the world. The city is constantly working to better itself through the power of innovation, collaboration, and encouragement. What makes NYC so great? To start, the people who live and work there! The city is highly diverse and the tech scene there is no exception! 


Tech + Collaboration = Innovation


Ever heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day?”. The phrase implies that some of the greatest innovations in the world weren’t made overnight but took time to perfect. The same could be said for the tech industry. If we look back at some of the greatest innovations in the tech space, we’ll see that they weren’t created by one person alone but entire teams of people working together. In short, tech combined with community produces unlimited innovation. 


Which Meetup Group is Right for You?


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What do you look for in a meetup group?


The good news is that there are thousands of meetup organizations across NYC. The problem is that with so many to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? While that is more of a personal decision, there are a few things you can think about when looking for a meetup group that suits your needs. Primarily the question is: What do you look for in a meetup group? These are the top four things most people look to gain by attending a meetup group. 


What do you look for in a meetup group?


1. Social Experience

One of the biggest benefits to attending a meetup organization is by far the emotional and social support that attendees take away from it. Meetup organizations across NYC regularly include a variety of social events including bar meetups, retreats, and other extracurricular activities. 


2. Mentoring

You may have heard of people across the industry talking about the importance of finding a mentor. There’s a lot of pressure on tech newbies to follow this trend. The truth is, finding a mentor is harder than many people let on. Mentors can be any professional that works in your industry that is willing to help you learn more about professional life. Finding a mentor can become a much easier process when attending meetup events. 


3. Educational Opportunities 

Professionals in the tech industry never stop learning. In fact, learning should be a lifelong goal of almost every professional. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn new things and the tech industry is a perfect example of this. As new innovations continue to come to light, meetup organizations are some of the best places to educate yourself and continue to grow your own skill set. 


4. Networking Opportunities 

We get it, office parties can be totally awkward. The good news is that networking opportunities are available at more than just an office party level. In fact, NYC has a variety of networking events that take place across multiple industries every year. The city that’s home to some of the biggest tech giants in the industry constantly works to provide the best networking opportunities possible. 


Top Meetup Organizations in NYC


A group of people watching a presentation.


Meetups cover important industry topics such as Imposter Syndrome. 


Many people don’t realize the importance that having a group of like-minded peers. Especially in the tech industry, finding a sense of belonging is something that many people aspire to achieve. Imposter syndrome, the feeling of not belonging in your chosen industry, is something that many people in the tech space face. One way to combat this is to find a group of peers to connect and associate with. Regardless of your reasoning for finding a group of peers to meet with, the city of New York has a variety of meetup groups catered to a variety of tech niches. Now that we’ve reviewed what to look for in a meetup organization, we can finally get down to business. Check out the breakdown on the top meetup organizations in NYC.


1. NY Tech Meetup

NY Tech Meetup is hailed as one of the largest meetup organizations in the city with over 61,000 members. The group meets in Brooklyn, NY, where they allow companies both big and small to take the stage to show the world what they’ve built. The organization also hosts a variety of monthly social events across the city. Membership for individuals is free and includes access to a variety of events and to the virtual discussion forum. 


2. The NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Group 

The NYC NoSQL and NewSQL Group is the largest database meetup group in New York City, with over 25,000 members. The group routinely offers free events that cover a variety of concepts including application building, enterprise analytics trends, and more. The organization often brings in major industry speakers for Q and A’s with members. 


3. Women Who Code NYC

Women Who Code NYC is one of the largest meetup groups solely dedicated to women in tech in NYC. Events offer free hands-on technical training, study groups, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and much more. The group is dedicated to helping women in tech network and forge lasting connections throughout the community. 


4. JavaScript.NYC

JavaScript.NYC was founded to help JavaScript learners and coders of all skill levels get together and collaborate in a safe and encouraging environment. The group offers many events including coding workshops and talks with industry leaders. 


5. NYC PyLadies 

NYC PyLadies is based in the NYC metro area and is open to all women and non binary people. The group prides itself on inclusivity and welcomes trans women and any other members of the LGBT community. The group primarily focuses on the coding language Python and works to help women find mentors in the industry.


What’s the Takeaway?


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What does this mean for your own professional life?


The technology industry is one of the most socially driven industries in the world. Pair programming is changing the way corporate companies and startups get stuff done. Aside from this method of programming, companies are working hard to instill a feeling of family and community amongst their employees. Companies both big and small benefit greatly when their employees are working cohesively and genuinely care about one another. 


Aside from work, finding a community of like-minded peers both in and out of the tech industry can do wonders for your own career and personal life. The tech industry can sometimes be lonely, especially when you think about all the time workers spend at the computer writing thousands of lines of code. Finding a group of peers that not only understand the struggle but encourage you to be your best self, will be absolutely vital to your career and life success. 


We get it, making friends as an adult can be absolutely excruciating. Gone are the days of easy Kindergarten friend-making. Today, everyone has their own busy lives to attend to. Also, where do adults make friends nowadays? Unless someone participates in other extracurricular activities, the main talent pool for friends comes from where they work. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a good idea to branch outside of office politics and take a look at groups that interest you apart from the company you work for. Meetups are a great way to find new people to connect with without all the awkward small talk and schedule conflicts. Also, meetups give people a chance to connect, network, and learn with other professionals who are interested in the same things you are. 

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